NatCH Riavas Miss Dakota


NatCH Riavas' Miss Dakota is a photogenic brown and white ticked Small Munsterlander who arrived from Sylvan Lake, Alberta in February 2019.  She is the daughter of a German Import, Diava vom Heideschloss from Riava Small Munsterlander Hunting Dogs Kennel and Pixer Jixer van de Chesannehof from the Netherlands.  Pixer Jixer is renowned in Europe for his well roundedness in both performance testing and confirmation titles.  To view his page accolades click here.   Soda is our bubbly beauty.  Her call name is "Soda" pup(pop).  Soda was the only puppy of 9 who made her way into the USA.  She's well conformed with strong and harmonious build and overall good balance.  She has correct feathering and a beautiful soft and glossy coat.  She's intelligent, calm and our closest hunter with a passionate prey drive and instinct. Her point is correct and staunch and she's been a natural retriever on land and water since arrival to Cedars Point.    

Photo Gallery

By clicking on the image provided you will find a photo library of Miss Dakota, including dogs from her pedigree-primarily her mom and dad.  This provides a snapshot history into her line and how members of her pedigree can still contribute today to Cedars Point Kennel.


Click on the image provided to view Miss Dakota's Pedigree.  

Performance Testing

We ran Soda in the Black Hills NAVHDA Chapter inaugural NA test held on August 8 and 9, 2019.  She ran on day two after her two house sisters the day before.  She ran first on day two and scored a maximum 112, Prize I.  She ran the test with 15 staples in her chest after taking on some barb wire fencing two weeks prior to the test.   Click on the image for official test scores.


NatCH Riavas Miss Dakota had her confirmation evaluated at an IABCA show in Greeley CO in 2021.  At the show she received her National Certification and one Sporting Group Bronze Medal, along with two Best of Shows.  She's an approved SMCA female and had her first litter of nine pups sired by Cedar in 2021 four months prior to the show.