Cedars Point has been working towards their beginning as a selective breeder of Small Munsterlanders since the approval of Cedar as a stud in 2018.  We currently own three breeding females and Cedar our stud.  Adding value to the Small Munsterlander breed pool here in the US by making good decisions on stud and eventually litter pairings is our goal.

Gosch's Cir Conn-Cedar is willing and eligible and we are open to considering all interest but will only approve appropriate pairings from hunt test proven, health check verified females that meet the breeds confirmation standard.   

Bottom line, Jeff, Brenda, Cedar, Yetta, Aster, and Soda are a team who hope to grow the community of  Munster lovers.  We want to thank Chris Gosch with Gosch Kennels, Michelle Wilber with Brush Dale Kennel and Janet Hartigh with Riava Small Munsterlander Hunting Dogs for supporting us in our dream of owning, hunting and breeding  Small Munsterlanders. Without Chris, Michelle and Janet none of this would have been possible.  If you desire to know more about our kennel please call, write or schedule an appointment to visit or hunt with us.

alaska plus 009.JPG
Jeff Mizenko
Handler, Trainer and Owner/Technical Sales

Jeff works in power electronics as a Technical Sales Representative in Rapid City. By retirement he hopes to have established a reputation as a quality breeder and trainer. Currently he enjoys watching the monsters pounding ground for birds or in training.  He has been enjoying every stage of their development and puppy development and how unique they are to hunt and have in the home.

Brenda Mizenko
Kennel Support/Teacher

Brenda has been an elementary teacher for 10 years.  In 2022 she will be the STREAM Coordinator and Librarian at Saint Elizabeth Seton in Rapid City.  Brenda helps Cedars Point by sabotaging training and spoiling the critters regularly.  She loves making dog treats and taking the critters on daily walks.  Squeaky toys are her specialty, though they don't last!

IntCH Gosch's Cir Conn
Stud, Machine, Founder

Cedar is a loving companion with ample expression in the home.  In the field he is a tireless hunter taking advantage of his correct proportions, stellar nose and staunch point to bring game to the table.  He has hunted extensively willy ring necks, sharptail, ruffed grouse, prairie chicken, and both fowl and fur in South Dakota and Minnesota. 

Eisha z Romanova Chovu
Terror, Monster & Lover

Eisha, formerly known as our little lion is driven.  She's is independent and loving all at the same time.  It was exciting to see her on SD roosters, sharptail grouse, prairie chicken and holding a now dead coyote before her first birthday.  She now lives in a loving hunting home in Illinois where we are confident she is spoiled daily.

Brush Dale's You Can't Fence Me In
Looker & Smarty Pants

Yetta is like the wind afield.  She's absolutely stunning to behold.  Living up to her name she's beauty and sneak all in one.  With stealth nature, dashing appearance, and both loving and an independent flare she rarely goes unnoticed, though she could.  Yetta stands for ruler of the house and she lives up to this alpha character, though Cedar has yet to relinquish top  dog. 

BB Kennels Aster
Gentle Spirit & Star

Aster is our royal SUPER STAR, taking after Cedar's regal nature.  Calm, loving, quiet with an insatiable prey hungry spirit she'll take your heart and lead you directly to the birds. 

Miss Dakota knows how to charm.  She's a crowd pleaser with an extremely calm temperament.  If she could talk we're convinced people would listen.  As a natural retriever and healer with a staunch point and high level of cooperation she works very collaboratively afield with her handler bringing all dispatched game to hand.

Riavas' Miss Dakota
Photogenic Poser