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IntCH Gosch's Cir Conn


IntCH Gosch's Cir Conn has been a pleaser since he was a pup.  His temperament is calm, attentive, and driven and this is what aided CPK as a first time hunting dog owner in training Cedar to his current level.  That and the fact that we have hunted the heck out of him since 6 months of age.  Without a close NAVHDA Chapter initially all training was done solely by Jeff.  Cedar has been well socialized, and exposed to hunting a variety of game.  He's been run on primarily South Dakota upland birds-prairie chicken, shartail, and pheasant, though in 2019 he had his first opportunity to hunt in Minnesota in the Rum River State Forests for ruffed grouse.  He's hunted the fir of the plains and bagged both hare and cottontail.  He's also hunted foul in the state with the family of Gosch kennels.   Cedar's a phenomenal machine for which we hope to use as a foundational stud for the kennel where deemed appropriate.  

Photo Gallery

By clicking on the image provided you will find a photo library for IntCH Gosch's Cir Conn, including dogs from his three year pedigree.  Our hope is to provide a photo history of him, his line and in this insight into how members of his pedigree will be contributing to Cedar's Point Kennel.


By clicking on the image provided you will find Cedar's Pedigree. 

 Performance Testing

By clicking on the image provided you will find testing scores for Cedar.  Cedar's been tested in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test.  He has also been tested in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) Advanced Hunting Aptitude Test (AHAE) and the NAVHDA Utility Test.  We've also provided testing results for dogs from his lineage on this page.  Amature video clips from his AHAE and UT test are also provided.


Cedar was evaluated by the Small Munsterlander Club of America Breed Council at 2 years of age and was approved for breeding by the Registrar. In October 2018 Cedar entered an International All Breeds Canine Association (IABCA) Dog Show in Greeley, Colorado.  There he was shown in four Sporting Dog events taking two-2nds and two-3rds.  In all four sporting dog events he took Best in Show Rare Breed.  This qualified him to run for Best in Show Rare Breed at the end of the entire show.  Cedar was awarded Reserve Best in Show Rare Breed Adult. Click on the image provided to view the details of his judging score cards.

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