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Breeding Program


Cedars Point's mission is to promote and selectively breed Small (Kleine) Munsterlanders (SMs) who meet the FCI Standard for the breed (below).  Our aim is to promote and breed SMs that are first and foremost healthy, while at the same time meeting all the criteria of the FCI standard with respect to general appearance, body proportion, structure, behavior, temperament, coat, gate, movement, and size.  Temperament and confirmation are of utmost importance to Cedars Point. Temperament influences train-ability and confirmation directly impacts how the dog will hold up to the tasks innate to its purpose. To this end we will strive to produce versatile hunting dogs that have sound temperaments, strong confirmation/structure so to bring forth trainable hunting and performance proven, lifelong family members and companions.  We prefer to place puppies in hunting/performance testing homes.

What makes our breeding program unique?
  • All our breeding stock exceed minimum requirements for breeding as set by SMCA.

  • Our dogs have all been advanced performance tested in NAVHDA Utility Test.

  • Additionally, Gosch's Cir Conn has been tested in the VHDF Advanced Hunting Aptitude Test.  A test aligned more closely to the German system. 

  • All our breed stock are hunted regularly and extensively on wild birds.

  • We have trained and handled all our dogs personally for testing.  We are not professional trainers.  

  • Our first two litters received NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeders Awards.  Our third litter is poised to achieve the same with the current commitment of puppy buyers from our third litter.

  • Cedars Point is a Steward Member of the Small Munsterlander Club of America.  We've been a member since purchasing Gosch's Cir Conn. 

  • Our breed stock have been shown at International All Breeds Canine Association (IABCA) shows and have been evaluated for conformance to the FCI standards by both national and international judges.  We show the dogs to obtain objective feedback as to their weaknesses in conformation.  Rather than self evaluate, which is the current SMCA standard, we seek independent non-biased third party evaluations and we post these critiques to our website. 

  • Cedars Point seek out pairing partners who exceed the SMCA standards for testing and look for independent IABCA or other confirmation in their breeding dogs too.  Our aim is to improve the breed in North America and keep the hunt in the dogs. 

  • We rear all litters using Puppy Culture-a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization.  To learn more about the Breeders Program click here.

  • We have just begun to look at alternative to hunting, working dog opportunities for our puppies.  We just placed a C Litter Pup-Cedars Point Confident Trulee with the Penn Vet Working Dog Center(PVWDC).  CPK Confident Trulee is being groomed for a position in K9 bomb, drug or human detection.  The PVWDC aim at letting the dogs choose their vocation.  We have fingers crossed he will do us proud whatever he decides.  You can follow his progress here... 

We are interested in keeping track of those who have genuine interest in Cedars Point Kennel future litters.  If you'd like to provide us your contact information we will reach out to you as we make new pairing decisions and litter announcements.  We will not contact you for any other reason and will not share your information without your permission.  Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for submitting

Buying a Puppy from Cedars Point Kennel

We will begin accepting Puppy Buyer Questionnaires for puppies as soon as we finalize a decision for any breeding pair.  Once that decision has been made we will post a breed announcement on our Facebook page  and on this website under Litter Announcements.  Once a pairing decision has been reached and we have received your Puppy Buyer Questionnaire and eventually your deposit this assures you a spot on our list for that litter pairing.  We will not accept any deposits until the litter is confirmed by ultrasound.  A copy of the Cedars Point Kennel Puppy Sales Agreement can be found here.  Pick order will then be established based on  your interest in the dog and the questionnaire.  We give preference to hunting and hunt testing/performance homes.  In most cases, puppies will be chosen for you, but with a great deal of input from you and your intent for the puppy.  This is to ensure we match the right puppy with the intent of its hunting family. We will be with the litter evaluating them for a minimum of 8 weeks, so we will use these insights to gauge the temperament of each puppy to meet your long term goals.  Puppies will evaluated for conformation using the Hastings Method-breeding prospects only, and for temperament using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test between 7 and 8 weeks  of age and this is when we will match puppies with their chosen families based on your puppy questionnaire. We want to make sure puppies are best-suited for their hunting/performance homes and that puppies who are being looked at for possible breeding/performance prospects go to homes where they can develop to their fullest potential.  Your Puppy Buyer Questionnaire will be used to help Cedars Point place puppies in the most suitable hunting home.


All puppies will leave Cedars Point Kennel on restricted NAVHDA and AKC pedigrees.  They will be dual registered NAVHDA and AKC-litter only.  Though the puppy can be registered AKC by you.  If you are interested in a breeding prospect (no guarantees), the following process will be required to lift restricted status.   Once the objective requirements below have been met, Cedars Point will remove restrictions on the pedigree.  These requirements are in place to ensure that all breeding dogs meet the FCI Small (Kleine) Munsterlander Breed Standard and have proven their worth in the field.  The dog must also pass minimum health/hip certification requirements.  


In order to have the restricted pedigree registration lifted, we'll require that each dog is health tested for hip displagia by OFA or PennHIP.   If an OFA evaluation is chosen a "Good" or "Excellent" rating would be preferred though, with a correct pairing "Fair" will be a consider option. If PennHIP is used to evaluate hip health a distraction index number less than 0.50 must be given when evaluating your dog against a cross-section of the Small Munsterlander breed.  In addition, we require that each dog has:
(a) Prized in any NAVHDA test; OR
(b) Received scores generally sufficient to receive a prize, if run for "evaluation only" in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test prior to becoming 20 months of age; OR

(c) Have received a junior hunter title in both AKC Pointing Breed Hunt Test and AKC
Retriever Hunt test; OR
(d) Completed the JGHV VJP test or HZP test and achieved at least a minimum score of 3 points in all subjects; OR
(e) Completed the JGHV VGP test and achieved at least a minimum score of 2 points in all subjects.


Additionally, your dogs confirmation must meet FCI standard as defined in link above.  This evaluation can be achieved by entering the dog in any of the following shows and receiving no less than a V-2 "Excellent" rating by (3) three or more judges at an IABCA, ARBA or ICKC International Conformation Show after attaining the age of (18) months.  Another option for confirmation evaluation is KIM GNA Breed Show approval based on their standard for approval.

Your dog will also be required to undergo a physical evaluation by a licensed veterinarian that determines the dog to be in good physical health; up-to-date on vaccinations; and free of parasites, Brucellosis and communicable diseases within (30) thirty days of breeding.

All males are to be (1) one year of age prior to breeding.  All females are to have reached the age of (24) twenty-four months and are to have had at least (1) one heat cycle prior to breeding.


All puppies will go to their new homes when they are a minimum of 8 weeks old-no sooner.  They will have had their first vaccinations,  will have been micro chipped and will have been wormed prior to leaving.  They will also be registered with NAVHDA and AKC. You may come pick up your puppy at Cedars Point Kennel or when needed we can ship your puppy via commercial airline out of Rapid City.  WE PREFER YOU PICK UP YOUR PUPPY!  CURRENTLY WE ARE NOT SHIPPING AIR CARGO DUE TO COVID19 RESTRICTIONS.  We want to meet you and give you a chance to meet us and the kennel.  If you decide to have your puppy shipped rather than traveling to pick it up, you will be responsible for the additional expenses associated with shipping the puppy, including airline costs or ground travel costs, crate and health certification.  These prices will vary, depending on which airline/shipper is used.  We can give you a rough estimate of what these costs will be as we prepare to ship the puppy.  Oftentimes it is possible to find rides for puppies to other locations via ground transportation with other folks who are traveling to or from shows or field events or to buy a puppy themselves.  We will try to find the best transportation plan we can for your puppy.  


By the time your puppy leaves Cedars Point, it will have become accustomed to sleeping in a crate and eating dry food.  It will be up to date on vaccinations and have been wormed.  It will have been exposed to multiple different ground surfaces, wings, live birds, loud noises, 22 caliber rounds-from a distance and, weather permitting, water.  The puppy will be well socialized to both people and other dogs.  We will have worked on tracking and pointing (to the extent that an 8-week-old can track and point) and other fun exercises which are part of the Puppy Culture program! 






Puppies must be paid for in full by the end of their 8th week - no matter when they are leaving our home, even if they are to be shipped.  Shipping costs (which includes cost of ticket or ground transport, crate, health certificate and mileage fee) must be paid before shipping. We will not ship a puppy until all amounts owed have been received and have cleared the bank.  We estimate the average cost to ship an 8-week-old Small Munsterlander puppy to be approximately $450 (that fee includes ticket, crate, health certificate and other shipping costs).  Most shipping costs are based on weight and size of crate. The older they are, the more it will cost to ship. WE CANNOT SHIP TO EVERY AIRPORT!  Even though one of Rapid City's airlines may come to your local airport, this does not mean that they will allow pet shipping on those planes. Most smaller airplanes will not ship pets due to lack of space.  Shipping by airplane is also very dependent upon current weather conditions.



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