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Eisha z Romanova chovu


Eisha was imported in April of 2018 from the Czech Republic.  She's a brown and white beauty in every respect, prey drive, nose, structure, and temperament.  We were prepping her for testing in the spring of 2019 and intended to enter her in the same IABCA show that Cedar showed in, however during her training for the show Jeff realized that her adult teeth came in with a mild anterior crossbite.  Unfortunately this can happen in rare circumstances when puppy teeth look wonderful.  As such, a difficult decision was made to re-home her.  She currently lives with her forever hunting family in Illinios where we're confident she is being run, hunted and spoiled regularly.  The family has agreed to send us pictures and provide updates on her forays afield.  She is sorely missed here at Cedars Point Kennel!

Female 3 6wks Eisha.jpeg
Photo Gallary

By clicking on the image provided please find a photo library for Eisha z Romanova chovu, including her mom and dad. 

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By clicking on the image provided you will find Eisha's Pedigree. 


At this point no testing is available for Eisha.


Eisha is registered with the International All Breeds Canine Association Dog Show.   We intended to have her evaluated by the SMCNA upon her two year anniversary with hopes of breeding her in 2020 or 2021 depending on her heat cycles.  At this point her confirmation will no longer be evaluated as the anterior cross bite is an eliminating fault. 

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