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IntCH Brush Dale's You Can't
Fence Me In


IntCH Brushdale's You Can't Fence Me In is a stunning, brown and white Small Munsterlander who lives in our home with four other Munsters, IntCH Gosch's Cir Conn, NatCH BB's Aster who is the daughter of IntCH Gosch's Cir Conn, and NatCH Riava's Miss Dakota.  Our fourth girl and recent addition is BB's Asters daughter CPK Don't Stop Believin'-Zephyr.  Yetta is a bold, sleek hunter who takes after her mother's "escape artist" tendencies.  She's a certain and confident explorer.  She demonstrates a staunch point, has a terrific nose and has a correct coat and proportions. She's a cooperative hunter checking in regularly, and has a love for water.  Yetta loves people and is a sweet, loving and gentle family companion. Like her mother IntCH Brush Dale's Escape Artist, she's proving to be a willy one with sneaky, almost cat like tendencies.  She loves both kids and adults, and was exposed to Brush Dale's Siamese cat named Cleo when young.  She is without a doubt, the "ruler" of the females in the house, though she's the smallest.

Photo Gallery

By clicking on the image provided please find a photo library for Brush Dale's Yetta, including dogs from her pedigree-primarily her mom and dad.  This provides a snapshot history into her line and how members of her pedigree can still contribute today to Cedars Point Kennel.


By clicking on the image provided you will find Yetta's Pedigree.

Performance Testing

We tested Yetta in the Black Hills Chapter NAVHDA NA Test on August 10, 2019.  It was their inaugural test. Yetta ran in the 5th running order.   She earned a max score112, Prize I.  She was 12 months and 1 day old on test day.  Click on image for official test results.


Yetta had her confirmation evaluated at an IABCA Show in October 2021 in Greeley, CO to see how well she meets the FCI Standard for the breed.  She received her International Champion certification at the show and also won Rare Breed Adult Best In Show. She is a approved breeding female with the SMCA.  She received a SMCA Breeders Award and a NAVHDA NA Breeders Award for her first litter with IntCH Gosch's Cir Conn.  Her second litter is testing the suimmer of 2023  Click on image for IABCA judges critiques of her confirmation at the show.

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