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Working from home with 4 monsters!

We all know these past few week have been tough on everyone around world. Ours is certainly not an exception. As a teacher I've had to stay home to finish up to school year in May while organizing lessons for my students to do online. Our dogs have been more than happy to have "Mom" home all day, however they do not understand that "Mom" still has to work. Still, I have found time to take them for walks, snuggle, and even play a little with them. I don't know how long I'll be working from home, but my students certainly have enjoyed hearing Yetta's barks in the background while I record a video for them, or getting a glimpse of Soda sleeping. Cedar is always a good quiet boy as is his daughter, Aster. I always thought it would be great to work from home and spend time with the dogs. It also seems like an opportune time to train the little Munsters while teaching my students.

I have to admit that when it comes to training the Monsters I'm not exactly a shining star. I enjoy taking them for walks and working on some basic obedience. If I could, I'd take Yetta to agility classes as I feel she'd do well due to her stubborn personality.

I'm not the average hunter's/kennel owner's wife. I don't hunt and don't enjoy meat that much. In fact if it was up to me I'd be a full on vegetarian or vegan. I find compassion in animals no matter how big or small. I don't enjoy walking through tall fields especially in the cold or on hot days, and I've never shot a shotgun and never will. The word "water or duck work" gives me shivers and causes me to shut down. But I love my dogs and my husband and do what I can to help out even if it feels like it's not enough. It's been an experience completely out of my comfort level but yet here I am. Recently, we have been working with the girls on force fetching and while Jeff is the expert on this training, I have been helping out even though this type of training is not my forte. Jeff set up a training table in the garage to do this so it works well during this time of social distancing. Of course, Jeff still has to work at his business and I'm working on taking the girls for walks and focusing on them honoring all of my commands. Since Jeff is the "Alpha" so to speak I've been working on having them respond in the same way. It's another project I've been doing aside from teaching remotely. These certainly are interesting times but at least I get to spend my days with the Munsters while teaching my students at the same time. It certainly has been a new adventure

I know I haven't been blogging as much as I've wanted to but as long as we are all practicing social distancing this is the best way to communicate what we've been doing.

I will be busy with my remote teaching however I always find time to spoil the little Monsters as I call them whenever I can. Stay tuned for more at home or outdoor adventures with the Small Munsteranders here at Cedars Point Kennel! from Brenda

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