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Merry Christmas from Cedars Point Kennel!

2022 proved to be another busy year at Cedars Point Kennel. After wrapping up another successful hunting season in January, our focus was on breeding both Yetta and Aster. Unfortunatly Aster's litter didn't take so we hope to breed her again during her next heat cycle. However, our C litter between Yetta and Cedar took and was a repeat breeding of our A litter.

On June 9th, Yetta whelped 10 healthy puppies! This was quite a surprise since the x-ray only showed 5 so it was nothing short of a miracle. This litter produced 7 females and 3 males; the perfect count for the puppy buyer preferences. More miracles for sure. We continued using Puppy Culture, this time creating a puppy play area full of agility challenges. The puppies loved it especially sniffing out treats.

We feel blessed to have found some wonderful puppy buyers including 4 who are local. We also placed one of our male puppies with the Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Philadelphia. Cedars Point Confident Trulee is excelling and we hope he'll be the first Small Munsterlander to graduate from the program.

In June, Soda ran in her utility test in Sundance, Wyoming. It was a busy summer!

Earlier in the year Jeff's parents moved to Rapid City from the Seattle, WA area and are now residing at Peaceful Pines Retirement Community. It's been nice seeing them more often.

Jobs continued to keep Jeff and Brenda busy. Jeff had another succesful year at Phase Technologies exceeding company goals. Brenda continues to work as a librarian/STREAM Coordinator at St. Elizabeth Seton and is working on hydroponic gardening with the students.

As we look forward to 2023 we are thankful for another year of hunting with our 4 Munsters. Although the weather these last two weeks has not been favorable especially with shutting down the interstate, we know that the birds are waiting for Cedar, Yetta, Aster, and Soda to come find them soon.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and many blessings for the New Year!

(Photo: Just another day with our Munsters!)

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