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Happy 2nd Birthday C Litter!

The adventure of the Cedars Point Kennel "C" Litter whelp is something we haven't shared much. What we thought would be a small litter, turned out to be Yetta's 2nd largest to date! On June 9, 2022, Yetta went into labor at 5pm. She had been bred to our stud Cedar for a repeat of our A litter. Not being one to waste any time, she had her first pup at 5:15pm. 10 minutes later, the 2nd pup arrived, followed by two more after that. We thought she was done because our vet only saw 4, maybe 5 pups in the puppy count x-ray. This was disappointing as we had a long list of potential buyers for this litter. After the 4th one arrived we could feel more so we waited for nature to take it's course. The 5th pup arrived an hour later, followed by the 6th. At this point we thought Yetta was actually finished with the whelp. 6 pups was more than the vet had counted so we saw this as a blessing. We thought potentially she might have one more but we didn't want to get our hopes up. Well to our surprise, the 7th pup arrived 25 minutes later and 30 minutes after that pup 8 arrived! We were speechless but happy nonetheless. At this point at 8:45pm, we could feel no other pups, so Brenda went to make a late dinner. Jeff stayed with Yetta to make sure the pups were latching on and doing ok. Then something completely unexpected happened. Jeff yelled out to Brenda that Yetta was contracting again. Pup 9 made his appearance followed right afterwards by Pup 10. Finally, now Yetta was finished with the whelp. What started as 4 or 5 pups, ended with 10! 7 girls, and 3 boys. Where Yetta was hiding all of these pups we have no idea, but it was nothing short of a miracle and an answer to prayers. We will never forget the excitement of the C Litter's whelp! There's never a boring moment at Cedars Point Kennel. Happy Birthday to our wonderful tree themed pups. We hope they have a special day. Please feel free to share photos and updates!

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