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Happy 3rd birthday B Litter!

It's hard to believe our B litter between Riava's Miss Dakota (Soda) and Gosch's Cir Conn (Cedar) is 3 years old!

We will always remember this litter as the one where Soda kept us up all night whelping her 9 pups. She started late on June 20th which was Father Day in 2021, and ended at 5:30am of the following morning. While technically, pups were born throughout two different days, we count the 20th as the official birthday since that's when the first pup was born. However we can celebrate on both days!

We hope all our B Litter pups have a wonderful 3rd birthday! Attached is our birthday card. Please feel free to send us photos and updates of your birthday pups.


Jeff, Brenda, Cedar, Soda, Yetta, Aster, Zephyr, and 9 G litter pups.

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