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Lakewood's Enchanted Beauty (EB) and Gosch's Cir Conn (Cedar)

Puppies started to arrive 9/9/18 at 10:30pm

All puppies are sold

Litter Update 11/19/19

BB's Kennel qualified for a SMCNA and NAVHDA NA Breeders Award with this litter. 

Four dogs tested in Natural Ability with passing prize scores as follows:

BB's Auto(Luther) owned and handled by Matthew Phelps-112 PI

BB's Adalyn(Liby) owned and handled by Stephen Lehan-103 PII

BB's Ace(Dakota) owned and handled by Phillip Bowen-110 PI

BB's Aster owned handled by Jeff Mizenko-110 PI


EB's Stats:

Reg #: 16042006 KlM
Color: Roan
Height: 20.25" / 51.5 cm
Length: 20.5" / 52 cm
Weight: 38 lbs
NA: 106 Prize I at 13.4 mos
N-4 S-4 W-4 P-3 T-4 D-4 C-3
PennHIP: 0.49/0.47
SIRE: Zandor vom Fuchseck 12-0858 KlM-D
NA: 106 Prize I VJP: 68 points UPT: 192 Prize II

PennHIP 0.23/0.19 KlM-D HD- A Dark Roan
Dam: Robingun's CSI Dottie:
NA: 112 P I, UPT 196 PrI, PennHIP: 0.25/0.26, Roan

Contact Curt Kieffer at 319 530-7598

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Cedar's Stats:

Reg #: 15051501 KlM
Color: Roan
Height: 22.5" / 57.15 cm
Length: 24" / 60.96 cm
Weight: 56 lbs
NAVHDA NA: 101 Prize II at 12 months

N-4 S-4 W-3 P-4 T-3 D-3 C-4

VHDF AHAE: 165 3 yrs

NAVHDA UT: 153 None 3 yrs 5 months
OFA: SMU-198G24M-VPI-Good
SIRE: Robingun's All About Lucky 13052302 KlM
NA: 112 Prize

PennHIP 0.33/0.30 KlM-D HD- A Dark Roan
Dam: Wolfburgs Etta Jewel:
NA: 102 P II, UPT 175 PI, PennHIP: 0.31/0.31, BW

Contact Jeff Mizenko at 425 241-7788

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If you're interested in a Small Munsterlander and we are unable to meet your needs feel free to contact us directly and we would be glad to recommend a breeder.

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